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In 2016 Sumo Studios, then known as Upwardnow, began as a personal training company for athletes. We quickly realized our passion for helping athletes achieve their goals, which eventually led to us recording content to help high school athletes improve their chances of getting into college.


As our passion for videography grew, we began offering our services to clients beyond the athletic industry. Platforms like Thumbtack proved to be invaluable, helping us connect with clients in religion, corporate, wedding, events, and more.


We have been blessed to keep the momentum going and establish ourselves as a versatile and reliable branding and marketing agency. Our ability to adapt to different industries and clients has allowed us to continuously grow and expand our services.


Whether it's creating engaging marketing content for corporate clients, capturing the beauty and emotions of wedding days, or providing coverage for special events, we always strive to exceed our clients' expectations and deliver high-quality work that they can be proud of.


Our journey from training athletes to becoming a full-fledged business has been an exciting and rewarding one, and we look forward to continuing to help our clients capture their most cherished moments and achieve their goals.

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