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Church Branding Package

We propose a strategic initiative to elevate your church’s presence through an enhanced marketing rebrand and communication strategy. This endeavor aims to strengthen your connection with existing members and extend your reach to a broader audience. The following situational analysis outlines key components essential for a successful implementation.

  • Target Audience Identification

  • Current Branding Assessment

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Community Demographics

  • Communication Systems

  • Graphic Services

  • Member Feedback

  •  Production Updates

  • Technological Trends

​Enhance live stream quality with a package for intros, lower thirds, and screens. Consider lighting A/V upgrades for in-person and live-streaming experiences. Establish uniformity in social media content, schedule, and aesthetics. Develop a consistent location for commercials and Talking Heads. Create a modern logo and covers on social media platforms. Update website design, incorporating professional in-service pictures and leadership headshots.​

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