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Sumo Studios Production Personnel Agreement

Sumo Studios has the right to select staff by availability and confirm contracted services with qualified personnel on all projects. The term production personnel means persons who are compensated for providing services directly related to the production, such as camera operators, sound or lighting technicians, producers, and directors. 


Please Note: Direct Request for Elisha Sumo is not confirmed for your booking unless agreed upon at the base cost of $1,500.00 + additional services per the nature and need of the project execution and completion. 





The client agrees to pay Sumo Studios a reservation deposit of 33%+ in order to secure the date.


The Client agrees that the Booking Deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the Client.




The client agrees to pay Sumo Studios the day of the balance for services rendered 7 days prior to the event date. 



Up until 30 days before the event date, any monies paid excluding the Booking Deposit will be refunded on written notice of cancellation by the Client. After 30 days prior to the event date, only 50% of the monies paid (excluding the Reservation deposit) shall be refunded in the event of cancellation by the Client.


Additional charges for the extra time required of each shooter on the day of the event shall be charged at $500.00 per shooter, per hour, and shall become payable within 24-48 hours of the presentation of an invoice by the Sumo Studios.


The Client agrees to the terms and conditions that this agreement will be canceled if all monies are not paid on time as stipulated above and Sumo Studios shall have no further obligations to the Client.


Shoot Location Permits: It is the Client's responsibility to obtain permission for entry to and the filming/photography of all applicable locations and to advise Sumo Studios of any restrictions or policies in place at all appropriate locations. (including but not limited to location/venue permits, liability restrictions, security passes, security coding, insurance requirements, etc.)


Sumo Studios shall retain ALL Copyright of all the material produced by Sumo Studios unless otherwise requested and hired to license and or provide additional services, production, and required costs for contracted services.


Sumo Studios may keep all personal data collected through this form, email correspondence, and in video & photo format indefinitely. The Client has the right to be forgotten and can request this data to be deleted in writing at any time once services have been provided to the client. Sumo Studios shall not release or share any personal information or material with third parties, without the client's express written permission. Sumo Studios may however wish to use material and data collected for marketing and promotional purposes on their website, social media pages, and wedding directories with consent from the Client. Consent from the Client may be withdrawn in writing at any time. 


If for commercial use it is the client’s responsibility to secure appropriate licenses for the reproduction of any copyrighted material.


If Sumo Studios has a reason for not performing under this services contract, the following provisions shall apply:


If Sumo Studios cannot attend due to acts of God, (force majeure), logistical reasons out of their control, medical reasons, or other emergencies that lead to physical harm or safety of staff, all efforts shall be made by them to engage a replacement videographer/photographer at no extra cost to the Client. If a replacement videographer/photographer cannot be sourced or the Client is not satisfied with the proposed replacement, all monies paid by the Client (including the Booking Deposit) shall be refunded in full and Sumo Studio's liability shall be limited to this refund.


Sumo Studios undertake to use the utmost care and reliable equipment throughout the capturing, backup, processing, and transportation of the material. If however, the material is lost, stolen, or damaged for any reason, Sumo Studios will refund all monies received and their liability shall be limited to this refund. If a portion of the material is lost, stolen, or damaged for any reason, then the refund shall be calculated based on the package selected and their liability shall be limited to this partial refund.


The Client is responsible for providing a safe working environment. In the event any or all production staff associated with Sumo Studios are harmed, the Client will be deemed responsible unless it is proven that such an incident is caused by approved Sumo Studios staff/team. 


This Production Contract with Sumo Studios constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no changes or variations shall be valid unless done in writing and signed by all parties. Additional extras requested beyond those detailed in the event brief field above shall be quoted for and paid on order.


*Client Engagement Terms and Conditions are subject to be revised or changed at any time.

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